Service Fee

Service Fee

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Timeline - Standard Orders. Insight will make best efforts to produce and ship your products within seven (7) business days. However, your order could take as much as twenty one (21) business days due to a variety of factors involving product selection, level of complexity and quantity. Standard orders do not have guaranteed delivery dates. INSIGHT SHALL NOT LIABLE FOR ANY ACTUAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES CAUSED BY DELAYS, TIMELINES, DEMAND FLUCTUATION, SEASONAL DEMANDS OR MISSED SHIPPING DATES.

Time tracking: The day the order and deposit are delivered to Insight, during business hours: = Day 0, subsequent business day = Day 1.

Order Processing - All orders are subject to a standard processing time of 24hrs, during which time the customer can make any changes to their order via our support channels listed below. Once the processing time has surpassed, the order has then be processed into our systems and moved into production and no further changes can be made at this time without management approval under extreme circumstances, this includes shipping and customization options.
Contact Support via: Email {}, Twitter {@insightcousa}

Refunds & Returns

Unfortunately Insight Apparel does not offer any refunds at this time as all orders are made to order. Should there be a defect on a item you've received please contact customer support and notify us of the situation and we will take of the issue should it be warranted.